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Recorded in 2008 and never released until now.
Out on limited edition tape from TWOTWOCATS tapes.


released January 2, 2011



all rights reserved


MALAISE Milano, Italy

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Track Name: three days at a time
you're disappearing again
three days at a time

the cure won't understand abstinence
and overall desistance
suffices never as long...

keep away the old uncut pieces of film
still looking back at my wandering mind
crashed into, crushed into the pillow

the things that don't drip from my cheek
will turn into the muddy holes that shield my feet
Track Name: tell your lover it's not over
i'll have wise things to say,
we'll act on them some other day.
and sleep with strings attached
to someone else's bed.

there's trouble written all over them.

do we have any control
to keep up with the illusion that we're sure of?
and have war wounds for hearts
and things we can't even give out.

but until then i'll wake up in your bed,
smiling but scared.
if thinking is left behind,
i can't keep you from my mind.
if reason is left tonight,
then lock your lips in mine.
Track Name: punch drunk still
shit, this is poetically unfair
sleep doesn't bring any consolation
time ticks for words that ring in chorus in bed
thicker skin only grows in the tips of my fingers

and i can't think with so much noise about my head
i can't think when you're leaving and i don't know where
i can't think with motion sickness punching my decision with stillness
Track Name: you were right and i was gone
is he awake to say what he's meant to say?
is this a flake? stand by for an end embrace

can calm me down for a while...

but miles away i can tell apart the days
seems a while since i can trace back to your smiles
once upon a time is a reminder i am blind
ou don't hold back and i can't tell apart your heart

can calm me down for a while
can hold me down for a while
Track Name: rant song
There is culture for the masses just as long as they fit in classes. Base our culture on the kids that don't even know what culture is.

Remember a band is not their single and that clothes are not their tags, but i'm glad i'm not the last to see our minds are blurred with facts. Don't get fed on meat that's fodder and don't gag on shit that makes your mind go numb.

Because if there's nothing you believe in, then you're living in a bubble. Maybe you think it's just not worth the trouble. Oh, it is. It's worth the life of us kids.

But regardless there is passion and our music and romancing. Your life's still what you make of it, even though we're all just sick of it. It's your path to walk alone, so make sure that you have friends when you get home.

Cause isn't it so obvious that, when you take a stand, your voice is worth your mind and thoughts and so are all your plans.

Don't complain that you don't know enough, it's a fact you never will. So pick up your friends' favorite books or give wikipedia a look. Go look up what it is to think, avoid the big commercial link. Read, don't just stand there and blink.

Because there were so many brilliant minds and thoughts that were one of a kind. If none of those apply to you, figure out what that means to you.

There is art around the corner, in every street and every corner. It's made by kids just like us, that go to shows and ride the bus.
Track Name: parsec anatomy
you move me to places where i'm lost,
i'll find my way across the ocean.
did you see our nights fly by
with a loose grip on the mind?

foolish me, your lines leave me upset.
confide in them my way across these streets.

i'll have your days.
it's alright my dear,
now you have mine.

you can't fool me the way i fool myself.
confide in tears across my sheets
it's alright my dear, now you have mine.